Which Celebrity Has the Best Designer Handbags?

Which Celebrity Has the Best Designer Handbags?

It’s no secret that celebrities have incomparable access to the most amazing designer wares from head-to-toe; the clothing, shoes, and jewelry they rock are nothing but top-notch. But the bags—the bags are simply to die for. Of the celebrities who regularly wear majorly lust-worthy designer totes, there are a select 10 we’ve noticed have particularly strong purse game. Read on to find out whose collections of Dior, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and more will have you drooling in approximately 2.2 seconds.

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    10. Victoria Beckham

    Beckham’s penchant for carrying very oversized satchels not only helped her craft her image—it also spawned a widespread health problem dubbed ‘Poshitis’ in the U.K., caused by women carrying bags far too large. Never you mind—just make sure your giant tote is mostly empty, and you’ll be fine.

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    9. Cara Delevingne

    The It-model’s love for Mulberry bags inspired the brand to have her design three bag styles for British label for fall. The soon-to-be-released capsule collection includes a backpack, a style Delevingne rocks on a regular basis, along with any and every other sort of Mulberry bag.

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    8. Miranda Kerr

    The model is a lover of any and all Prada bags, but she’s also been known to regularly step out with Givenchy’s classic Antigona Tote ($2,435). Her day-to-day outfits never seem complete without some kind of structured tote on.

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    7. Lauren Conrad

    Rarely a day goes by when The Hills graduate steps out without a quilted Chanel bag. The star seems to have an endless supply of the iconic 2.55 Bag ($3,550)—in nearly every color—and we could not be more jealous.

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    6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

    The statuesque British beauty is one of the most stylish gals around, and that’s more than partially due to her solid stable of designer totes. From Saint Laurent’s black Classic Duffle 6 Leather Bag ($1990) to an endless run of other big name brands, this is one style icon whose bags are as bad as her bite. 

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    5. Beyoncé

    A surprise home run hitter comes courtesy of Beyoncé, who regularly reaches for bags from Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton (pictured) and beyond. The star’s style in general has taken a huge leap forward over the past couple of years, from glammed out sequin-covered pop star to hip and cool modern maven. 

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    4. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

    As the masterminds behind The Row—and the most recent winners of the CFDA’s coveted Accessories Designer of the Year Award—it’s no surprise that fashion’s most stylish twins have landed at the number four spot on our list. They’ve been known to step out rocking matching bags from the line, much to our delight.

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    3. Lady Gaga

    Rare is the woman who not only has a prized collection of Hermès Birkin bags, but whose cache of the bags is so strong that she feels compelled to take to one of the white leather satchels with a permanent marker. Lady Gaga is such a woman.

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    2. Olivia Palermo

    The street style star’s collection of Dior Lady Bags ($3000) is seriously solid—it’s by far her bag of choice on a day-to-day basis, and she regularly reaches for it during New York Fashion Week and other big red carpet appearances.

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    1. Rihanna

    After her showy appearance at this year’s CFDA Awards, all anyone can talk about is Rihanna’s body—but we’re more interested in what she adorns it with. Her bag collection is nothing short of insane, including a steady supply of Chanel, Lanvin, Stella McCartney (pictured), and more.

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