Be Your Own Designer: The Best Customization Sites

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    Scroll through these top sites that are reinventing the way we shop!  

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    Brand: Agni Soma

    How it works: The site is virtual design studio dedicated completely to dresses. You are in charge of every step of the process, including choosing the model you’ll be “designing” on, selecting from one of 9 dress forms, and customizing a print by uploading a jpeg. Enter your details and a team member will contact you personally to finalise the design. Ships in 2 weeks. 

    Bonus: Personalized prints,high-quality fair trade materials from artisans in Africa and India. Each purchase contributes to New York City based non-profits.

    Price: Starting at $145

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    Brand: BLK DNM

    How it works: Choose from 3 basic leather jackets, select one of 7 color groups (including “Punk”) to access the available variations of shearling, suede, goatskin and lambskin for each of the jacket’s 8 panels. 

    Bonus: High-quality basic leather jacket styles, plus algorithms that prevent you from choosing an all multi-colored fur jacket, in case you had a glass of wine (or three) before shopping.

    Price: Starting at approximately $3000

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    Brand: Project Gravitas  

    How it works: Choose from 10 customizable little black dresses—each suited to one of 6 body types, plus corresponding shape wear paneling—available in a variety of fabrics.

    Bonus: Built-in shape wear inspired by 6 general body types means you’ll never have a Bridget Jones moment. Luxury Italian fabrics and the ability to have the piece hemmed. The brand also donates 10% of sales on dresses to a different charity each month.

    Price: Starting at $175

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    Brand: Shoes of Prey

    How it Works: Choose from 12 basic styles, including flat sandal and wedge heels. Then customize different sections of the shoe, as well as lining, sole and stitching. The finished item is shipped to you for free in three to five weeks. 

    Bonus: Size ranges from 31 to 49 and they can even make one shoe bigger than the other. They also have a 365-day return policy.

    Price: Starting at $129

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    Brand: Bow and Drape

    How it Works: Select your piece from a range of pants, skirts, dresses, sweaters, jumpsuits, blazers, scarves, clutches, and belts. Select fabric print and color, lining color, and size, and add embellishments if you so choose. The item arrives in two weeks.

    Benefits: You can create an entire customized wardrobe.  The site also sends two sample sizes in a fit-kit before you select what you want to customize, thus preventing wasteful backtracking if your custom piece doesn’t work out

    Price: Starting at $38

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    Brand: Upper Street 

    How it works:  Pick one of 8 basic shoe styles, ranging from ballet flats to sling backs, customize the front details like adding bows or panels, the back, the straps, and then choose fabrics, colors and embellishments. The finished product will take approximately three to four weeks to arrive.

    Bonus: They have thought of everything, from back seams to custom paneling. You can really design your ideal shoe.   

    Price: Starting at $300

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