Story of My Life

At this very moment, the eighties are swirling up around us, as the decade of synthetic glory and exaggerated excess enjoys a fashionable reincarnation. But while the chic set chatters on and on about Debbie Harry and David Bowie, or how they're currently channeling Tina Chow and Alexis Carrington, we're looking to a less obvious muse: the literary brat pack. Our August editorial isn't an exact homage to Ellis and McInerney per se; however it is a tribute to the stylish characters that populate the pages of their novels. Whether you view it with these flawed-but-fabulous fictitious females in mind or simply take it as a modern retelling of some of the era's major trends, we hope you enjoy.

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Photographer: Justin Coit; Creative Director: Katherine Power; Style Director: Angela Fink; Hair: Scott Cunha; Makeup: Danielle Decker,; Model: Payton, Photogenics.

Location courtesy of Chic Little Devil Style House.

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