An Eye-Catching Bib Necklace You Can Make At Home

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    The perfect accessory to liven up an LBD or basic t-shirt-and-jeans outfit, we asked Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This to help us recreate it. Read on for all of her easy step-by-step instructions.

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    The Inspiration

    Matthew Williamson Beaded Bib Necklace ($825)

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    -Sharpie Marker ($7)
    -Scissors ($7)
    -Studded Trim ($16) in Bronze
    -Grosgrain Ribbon ($1) in Electric Blue
    -Strands of Beads ($9)
    -Hexagon Crystal Drops ($12)
    -Needle ($3) and Thread ($2)
    -Glue gun ($18)


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    Step One

    Using a Sharpie, draw a bib shape on a square 7x9” piece of felt and cut out with scissors.

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    Step Two

    Use a hot glue gun to attach the studded trim along the top of the bib. Beneath that, adhere the grosgrain ribbon, followed by three rows of blue beads. Don’t forget to glue two pieces of grosgrain ribbon to the backside of the bib—this will go around your neck and act as your chain and clasp. Trim off any excess material.

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    Step Three

    Using a needle and thread, sew on each hexagon crystal drop along the bottom of the bib.

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    Final Product

    Keep the focus on your masterpiece by pairing it with a simple, high-neck LBD.

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