Meet The Supermodel: Anne V From A To V

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    Naomi Campbell’s hit modeling competition show, The Face, which airs Wednesdays at 10/9 p.m. central on Oxygen, added another gorgeous face to its cast this season with Anne V (the V stands for Vyalitsyna, which thankfully she doesn’t ask us to pronounce). We caught up with the leggy blonde recently to chat about everything from her personal style to that time she rode an elephant. Read on!

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    A Is For Anchovy

    Also known as Chovy, her adorable Pomeranian pooch who passed away late last year. Anne, however, is determined that his memory lives on. “I actually wrote an illustrated kid’s book about him called Anchovy the Flying Dog that I’m hoping to get published this year,” she says.

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    PHOTO: Jenny Anderson/WireImage

    B Is For Butt

    “It’s my least favorite feature,” Anne admits. “I wish it were bigger. That said, I’m pretty secure with my body at this point in my life.”

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    PHOTO: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

    C Is For "Cool Girl" Style

    Anne’s personal style is cool girl all the way, think: moto jackets, denim skirts, and crop tops. Her at-home look, however, is less, shall we say, polished, with a focus on colorblind combinations of sweatpants and t-shirts. “I look like an absolute idiot!” she says. Awwww, we doubt it.

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    D Is For Doctors

    Both of Anne’s parents are physicians back in Russia. Her mother is a pediatrician and her father is a sports doctor for a football team.

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    E Is For Exercise (Obviously)

    “I work with a trainer and do a bit of everything,” Anne says. “Pilates, boxing, horseback riding–whatever my body is telling me. Although sometimes my body tells me to eat cookies at 2 a.m.!”

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    F is For Freckles

    Anne’s trademark feature.

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    G is for Gorky

    The name of Anne’s hometown in Russia. Now known as Nizhny Novgorod, it’s the country’s fifth-largest city.

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    H is for Hip Hop

    Anne’s favorite type of music. “I put it on every single morning,” she says. “It gets me going.”

    Her Top 5 Hip Hop Songs, In No Particular Order
    “Ignition,” by R. Kelly
    “Big Poppa,” by The Notorious B.I.G.
    “Around the Way Girl,” by LL Cool J
    “Chillin,'” by Wale
    ‚Äč“Ms. Fat Booty,” by Mos Def

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    PHOTO: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated

    I Is For Irina Shayk

    Anne’s bestie in the modeling business.

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    J Is For Julia Roberts

    The star of Anne’s favorite all-time movie, Pretty Woman. “I know it’s cliché,” she says. “But I could never get bored of watching it.”

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    K Is For Kids

    “I want at least two,” Anne says. “The more the merrier.”

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    PHOTO: JD/FameFlynet Pictures

    L Is For Lullaby

    This summer, Anne will appear alongside Amy Adams and Jennifer Hudson in Lullaby, a film about a man who discovers that his father is going to take himself off life support. “It was one of those projects everyone was just so excited to be a part of,” Anne says.

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    PHOTO: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

    M Is For Marathon

    In 2009, Anne worked as volunteer for the non-profit organization, Achilles International, and helped guide a disabled athlete through the ING New York Marathon.

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    N Is For Naomi Campbell

    The iconic catwalk queen (seen here with Chovy) is The Face’s executive producer and stars in both its U.S. and U.K. versions. The show’s basic premise centers on Campbell and two fellow cover girls (this season, it’s Anne and Lydia Hearst), who each pick four aspiring model contestants to mentor through a series of industry-related challenges. “It’s all about sharing our knowledge with them,” Anne says. “Because when you start out in this business, you have no idea what you’re doing.”

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    PHOTO: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

    O Is For Oxygen

    The cable network that airs The Face — Wednesdays at 10/9 p.m. central, to be exact.

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    P Is For Pachyderms

    Anne traveled to Burma last year, where she fulfilled her longtime dream of riding an elephant. “I was paired with the biggest elephant of all, who was named Yuki, which was good because for me, bigger is always better,” she says with a laugh. Anne handled Yuki so well, her guide told her that, should this whole supermodel thing not work out, she could be a professional elephant trainer.

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    Q Is For Quality

    As in a “quality guy”, which Anne, who is currently single, has an eye out for. “I want a true gentleman,” she says.


    Pictured: The truest gentleman of them all, Ryan Gosling

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    R Is For Russian Food

    “It’s my guilty pleasure,” says Anne, of native dishes like pickled veggies, pirozhki (pies stuffed with meat or veggies), and Olivier Salad (mayonnaise-based potato salad).”Unfortunately, I don’t get to eat it that often if I want to keep the body of a model.”

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    S Is For Science

    Growing up, Anne had aspirations of becoming a chemist. "I was obsessed," she recently told the press. " I had the most wonderful chemistry teacher that made me fall in love with chemistry. It was a woman."


    Pictured: A young Anne in a Holloween costume

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    PHOTO: via Sports Illustrated

    T Is For The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

    Anne has appeared in the magazine a whopping 10 years in a row.

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    PHOTO: Anne V

    U Is For Utopia

    “My home is my oasis,” says Anne, of her abode in New York’s West Village.

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    PHOTO: Randy Brooke/WireImage

    V Is For Victoria's Secret

    Anne is a familiar face on the Victoria’s Secret runway, having walked in numerous shows. The model, who got her big break after winning an IMG/MTV modeling contest at age 15, has also appeared in campaigns for Chloe, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, and Prada.

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