Fall 2011

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    When building your fall wardrobe, it's easy to focus on finding the correct clothing items, but securing the season's best accessories is an equally important task. Accent pieces not only convey your personality and taste level, but the right ones can also totally transform an outfit and elevate even the most basic look. Of course, finding the perfect shoes, bags, and baubles can be a daunting task, so we asked some of our favorite fashion editors to share their fall accessory essentials and how they plan on wearing them. Click through today's slideshow to see all the fabulous picks, brought to you by Teen Vogue's Shiona Turini, Lucky Magazine's Julia Kalachnikoff, ELLE's Kyle Anderson, and Marie Claire's Taylor Tomasi Hill.
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    Fetish Strap Pump in Python ($1430)

    "Vuitton gets me every season! There are always show-stopping accessories, and fall was no exception. Besides that fact that Naomi Campbell made my fashion month by walking their runway, the accessories were femme fatale meets innocent schoolgirl. These Mary-Janes are made of fetish-worthy patent leather but have sweet little bows that make them so cheeky! I would love to pair these with my most sophisticated, dressed-up lady outfits."
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    Shirting Bracelet With Skull ($70)

    "These bracelets have been an obsession of mine for the past few seasons. I love collecting them all, from the ones made out of menswear fabrics to the florescent and striped ones. They are so cool when you layer them all together, or sometimes I just wear one with my watch and call it a day."
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    Harletty Boot ($21,995, 212.396.1884)

    "This classic round toe boot is a must-have for the fall. The simplicity of the lines, as well as the special fabrication, has me wanting them as my everyday go-to boot. An extra bonus: they look very comfy."
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    "Carreaux" Black and White Calfskin Papier A4 Tote ($1,795)

    "If I go big, I want to go graphic this fall. I tend to have an affinity for black and white art, which is why I gravitate toward this bag. It's the perfect piece of art to make my jeans cool."
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    Style and Accessories Director at Marie Claire
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    Claw Necklace ($2,200, 800.526.0649)

    "I've been obsessed with this choker since the first time I saw it: it's classic, yet edgy. I'd pair it with casual or basic things-like a black dress or blouse-to give them some everyday edge."
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    Panther Print Trolley ($4,060, 312.587.1000)

    "No matter how stylish you are, airports are a depressing nightmare-even in the first class lounge. The lady next to you is coughing, kids are crying, adults are crying: everyone is crying. Rolling this bad boy around would put a smile on my face, even if I'm waiting for a five-hour flight delay."
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    Lace-up Calf Hair Platform Boots ($2,220)

    "The rugged sole and the work-boot details are what makes these boots so cool. I think they're the perfect cool-girl boots to go out in at night, plus you can really dress them up or down."
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    HotLips Pendant ($1500, 212.879.9100)

    "I love this necklace: it's just sexy and I like the darker color. I'd wear it tight as a choker with a black evening dress or long over the top of a simple black leather jacket."
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    Senior Accessories Editor at ELLE
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    Fur Pull Through Scarf ($195)

    "I love leopard, and this will keep my coats interesting in the long winter months."
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    Nikita Sunglasses ($360, 212.359.0300)

    "I love a cat-eye. Tom Ford of course makes the perfect pair."
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    High-Heel Boots ($560)

    "A.P.C. consistently makes the best fall boots. I have pairs from years and years ago that still are as classic and relevant now as they were then. I love that this boot is just slightly higher than ankle length-I'll wear it with cropped jeans or wooly tights and dresses."
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    Rock Stud Clutch ($1,145)

    "I'm all about a clutch during the day and paring down the amount that I carry. This is the perfect size and the fact that it zips makes it really practical."
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    Accessories Director at Lucky
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    Paddle iPad Case ($150)

    "I don't actually own an iPad yet, but I have already picked out the perfect case for one. I am a die-hard DVF fan and the fact that this doubles as a clutch is inching me that much closer to my nearest Apple retailer. The geometric print and color of this cover is just right! This print can add personality to almost any look I could whip up, so hopefully it won't remain empty for much longer!"
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    Tourbillon Pink Ring ($435)

    "I am always so excited to see Delfina Delettrez in Paris. Her jewelry has such amazing character and she has a great point of view. I recently got this amazing 3-D ring that will give all of my other rings some serious competition. I would wear this ring with an armful of stacked bangles-the more, the merrier!"
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    Luggage Phantom in Supple Calf Grey ($2,300)

    "I might be willing to re-finance my whole life to own this Celine bag. I saw it while I was in Paris for the shows in October and it was love at first sight. I love the colorful piping on the bag's neutral base. It's such a classic piece, but the details keep it fresh and stylish."
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    Black Veil Bobble Hat ($105)

    "These veiled knit caps are a classic from Bernstock Speir. I know donning one of these this winter will add a smile to my face."
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