Sunrise Junction

Sunrise Junction
Wednesday, April, 01, 2009 At this very moment, we can say with utter certainty that everyone at is twitterpated. No, this isn't some adjective to describe enthusiastic tweeting¬--fascinating though it may be¬--rather, we're incredibly pleased to present a new addition to our content. As you might have figured out from looking at today's story, we've decided to round out the online magazine experience and created a full-on fashion editorial story for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure!

In this inaugural spread, we looked for eighties-inspired pieces infused with a certain sort of luxurious sophistication. Whether it's a perfectly cut denim vest, billowy harem jumpsuit, or slim sweatshirt embellished with rhinestones, these star items are completely current, yet reference the influential decade in a subtle way. Worn with layers of tough jewelry, statement chapeaus, and of-the-moment sunglasses, the result is sleekly bohemian and uniquely modern. In short: Sunrise Junction celebrates some of spring's best trends, filtered through a soft, Laurel Canyon-inspired lens.¬--Photographed by Justin Coit

Creative Director: Katherine Power; Style Director: Angela Fink; Hair: Jen Atkin, The Wall Group; Makeup: Anthony Nguyen; Model: Becky Billman, Next.

Shop the Spreads
Look 1:
What Comes Around Goes Around Vintage Newsboy Hat ($58, 323.836.0252)
Quiksilver Biscay Boatneck Sweater ($78. 800.435.9917)
Zimmermann Dusk Net Lounge Suit ($400, 212.354.9220)
Marquis & Camus Victorian Romance Bracelets ($225-$285, 323.836.0252)
Forever 21 Tiara Rhinestone Necklace ($13)
Jacquie Aiche Braided Silk Wrap Bracelets ($210, 323.468.9320)
Jacquie Aiche Star Shaker Waif Ring ($250, 323.468.9320)
Botticelli's Niece Cache Sexe Bronze Bracelet ($110)
Humanity Wrap Around Bracelet ($24)
Alex & Chloe Goujon Inverted Diamond Ring ($680)
Alex & Chloe Goujon Triple Inverted White Diamond Ring ($980)

Look 2:
What Comes Around Goes Around Vintage Derby Hat ($298, 323.836.0252)
Miu Miu Satin Bow Broochicon($185)
Bebe by Tara Subkoff Rhinestone Sweatshirt ($69, 877.232.3777)
Topshop Crisscross Dress ($55)
Jacquie Aiche Braided Silk Wrap Bracelet ($210, 323.468.9320)
Urban Outfitters Chain and Flower Bracelet ($24)
Botticelli's Niece My-Tie 18K Bracelet ($61)
The Crystal Matrix Rutilated Quartz Ring ($100, 323.664.7625)

Look 3:
Current/Elliott The Ruffled Swimsuit ($231)
Miu Miu Bow Alice Band ($135)
Vera Wang Ribbon Bracelet ($350)
Dolce Vita Metallic Oxfords ($148)

Look 4:
Current/Elliott The Seam Vest ($238)
American Apparel Unisex Baby Thermal Long Sleeve Henley ($24)
Topshop Geometric Stripe Print Skirt ($65)
Urban Outfitters Garden Party Necklaces ($20)
Bop Bijoux Tassel Bracelet ($75)
Jacquie Aiche Braided Silk Wrap Bracelet ($495, 323.468.9320)
Botticelli's Niece My-Tie 18K Bracelet ($61)
Humanity Wrap Around Bracelet ($24)
Nasty Gal Vintage Circle Sunglasses ($45)

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