Sunrise Junction

At this very moment, we can say with utter certainty that everyone at is twitterpated. No, this isn't some adjective to describe enthusiastic tweetingÂ--fascinating though it may beÂ--rather, we're incredibly pleased to present a new addition to our content. As you might have figured out from looking at today's story, we've decided to round out the online magazine experience and created a full-on fashion editorial story for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure!

In this inaugural spread, we looked for eighties-inspired pieces infused with a certain sort of luxurious sophistication. Whether it's a perfectly cut denim vest, billowy harem jumpsuit, or slim sweatshirt embellished with rhinestones, these star items are completely current, yet reference the influential decade in a subtle way. Worn with layers of tough jewelry, statement chapeaus, and of-the-moment sunglasses, the result is sleekly bohemian and uniquely modern. In short: Sunrise Junction celebrates some of spring's best trends, filtered through a soft, Laurel Canyon-inspired lens.Â--Photographed by Justin Coit

Creative Director: Katherine Power; Style Director: Angela Fink; Hair: Jen Atkin, The Wall Group; Makeup: Anthony Nguyen; Model: Becky Billman, Next.

Shop the Spreads
Look 1:
What Comes Around Goes Around Vintage Newsboy Hat ($58, 323.836.0252)
Quiksilver Biscay Boatneck Sweater ($78. 800.435.9917)
Zimmermann Dusk Net Lounge Suit ($400, 212.354.9220)
Marquis & Camus Victorian Romance Bracelets ($225-$285, 323.836.0252)
Forever 21 Tiara Rhinestone Necklace ($13)
Jacquie Aiche Braided Silk Wrap Bracelets ($210, 323.468.9320)
Jacquie Aiche Star Shaker Waif Ring ($250, 323.468.9320)
Botticelli's Niece Cache Sexe Bronze Bracelet ($110)
Humanity Wrap Around Bracelet ($24)
Alex & Chloe Goujon Inverted Diamond Ring ($680)
Alex & Chloe Goujon Triple Inverted White Diamond Ring ($980)

Look 2:
What Comes Around Goes Around Vintage Derby Hat ($298, 323.836.0252)
Miu Miu Satin Bow Broochicon($185)
Bebe by Tara Subkoff Rhinestone Sweatshirt ($69, 877.232.3777)
Topshop Crisscross Dress ($55)
Jacquie Aiche Braided Silk Wrap Bracelet ($210, 323.468.9320)
Urban Outfitters Chain and Flower Bracelet ($24)
Botticelli's Niece My-Tie 18K Bracelet ($61)
The Crystal Matrix Rutilated Quartz Ring ($100, 323.664.7625)

Look 3:
Current/Elliott The Ruffled Swimsuit ($231)
Miu Miu Bow Alice Band ($135)
Vera Wang Ribbon Bracelet ($350)
Dolce Vita Metallic Oxfords ($148)

Look 4:
Current/Elliott The Seam Vest ($238)
American Apparel Unisex Baby Thermal Long Sleeve Henley ($24)
Topshop Geometric Stripe Print Skirt ($65)
Urban Outfitters Garden Party Necklaces ($20)
Bop Bijoux Tassel Bracelet ($75)
Jacquie Aiche Braided Silk Wrap Bracelet ($495, 323.468.9320)
Botticelli's Niece My-Tie 18K Bracelet ($61)
Humanity Wrap Around Bracelet ($24)
Nasty Gal Vintage Circle Sunglasses ($45)



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